Hi Alex, loving the book so far, thanks for writing this!

I did find what looks like a minor syntax mistake.  Would you like to hear about things like that, and where should we send them?
Thanks, Levi!

Yep, it'd be great to hear about those fixes. A bunch of folks have helped me out already, which I'm grateful for :). 

You can leave them here, or you can email them to me -- alex@alexdebrie.com . Thanks!
I'll post them here in the hopes that you can avoid getting duplicate bug reports:

Cheatsheets, page 31/54 has two 'KeyConditionExpression'

Cheetsheets, pages 30, 41, and 52 use the same copy/paste typo "CleintRequestToken"
Again, loving the book so far.  Your tips have already improved the schema I'm currently working on, by opening up several new access patterns.