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I'm Craig Liebendorfer. I am a senior technical editor embedded on the DynamoDB PM team at AWS. I edit all kinds of DynamoDB content (webpages, UI, documentation, marketing, learning materials, most of Alex's book, etc.) and run the @DynamoDB Twitter handle ( Feel free to DM me at any time on Twitter.
I'm Chris Armstrong. I'm a full-stack developer at GorillaStack. I've been building serverless and hybrid applications on AWS using Node.js for about 5 years now.

I work with DynamoDB everyday, from augmenting existing services to leverage it for faster and more predictable access times compared to other NoSQL solutions, time-series data storage, or for simple CRUD data models using single table designs.

I maintain the dynaglue project, which makes it simpler to build and maintain single table designs in JavaScript/TypeScript. I also created the dynamodb-size utility for estimating document size. I've built DynamoDB emulators in the past (unfortunately not in the open source realm), wrapper libraries and other tooling.

You can find me on Twitter at @ckarmstrong or check out my (infrequently updated) blog.
Chris Armstrong replied
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Hi everyone,

I'm a Full Stack Developer who spearheads technical service lines for a relatively small mgmt consulting company.  Essentially that means building, then selling, and seeding new technical competencies in my org.  Been following the serverless space closely for about two years.

I'm spending this year going deep and building increasingly challenging backends with AWS and Serverless Framework.  That's what led me to purchase Alex DeBrie's book.  Awesome work, man.

I'm also working on a little commercial CRM product for realtors on the side.  That uses DDB too!
Alex DeBrie replied
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